ONE Control Plus introduces a unified app with all the features of ONE Control DAW and ONE Control PRO, adding a free plan with essential yet powerful features.

If you’re happy with the Essential plan, enjoy it for free, forever. If you want to make the most of ONE Control, choose one of the one-time In-App Purchase Expansion Packs.

Existing ONE Control DAW and PRO users will find an automatic, free of charge, migration process.

Essential (Free)

  • Modular Controller Essential

  • DAW Controller Essential

  • Launchpad controller

  • Limit of 4 controllers

DAW Expansion Pack (In-App purchase)

  • Advanced DAW Controller

  • Modular Controller Essential

  • Launchpad controller

  • Limit of 10 controllers

PRO Expansion Pack (In-App purchase)

  • Modular Controller Pro

  • DAW Controller Pro

  • Advanced MIDI communication

  • OSC Support

  • Unlimited controllers