ONE Instrument BETA Installation Instructions

ONE Instrument BETA can be applied for by submitting the online form which is then reviewed by our team.

Once chosen, you will be invited to join the BETA stage of ONE Instrument through Apples' TestFlight platform.

The invitation will be received by e-mail, where you will be instructed to install TestFlight.

Once installed, TestFlight will allow you to install One Instrument directly on your Mac.

Please note that application updates are also taken care of from the TestFlight app.

BETA Testing Manifesto


To beta test a product is not only about having early access to it, it is mostly about helping the product to improve and get ready for the public in the best shape possible.


Beta testing with Infinity Audio is done by using two main platforms:

Apple TestFlight
TestFlight is a sort of App Store for beta products. After being invited, the user has access to the latest updates and several tools built to make the process easier for the developer and the user.

Rules of thumbs 

  • Please read the release notes for each build. They're very important and can give you a glimpse of what to expect from the specific update. Not only what has been fixed, but also which issues are known
  • Take note of the build number, for further communications with us. Issues can be present in a build and solved in another one, so it is important to keep a degree of consistency
  • Build are released typically on a weekly base, but some critical updates might be released in closer intervals. Please always check for updates before intensive sessions on the product

Fresh Desk
Fresh Desk is the support portal, available to any user of our products. For Beta testers we offer access to specific sections, not available to others.

In this portal you'll be able to open tickets for bugs, improvements and requests. We might use the tickets to communicate with regarding specific issues.

  • For each ticket you open, please specify the build number
  • Be specific as much as you can
  • Check periodically your tickets, in order to see if specific issues have been solved or if you have any inquiry from our side
  • Open a different for each issue. Please don't put different bugs or requests in the same ticket. We know that is tempting and time saver, but it will prevent us to act effectively on you requests


Any software has bugs. During its beta phase, come bugs can be critical, even block your workflow. Please understand that, being a small team, we tend to prioritise some over others. Rest assure though that we'll get through all of them in due time.
For each ticket related to a bug:

  • Be specific as much as you can, giving us the chance to reproduce the situation you've been into when the bug occurred. If possibile put down the sequence of actions leading you to discover the specific bug.
  • If you have an crash report from the system, please attach the content. It might not have any senso to you, but can make the difference for us.

Improvements and feature requests

Usually each version of our software, when in beta stage, is feature locked. It means that we tend not to add new features until the next release. This doesn't mean that we don't accept suggestions or request, we do.
Internally we rely on the concept of stories. A story is a narrative you attach to your ticket where you actually tell us the nature of your problem, and not the solution; give the solution to us. Write about the workflow which brought you to each specific request.

Library Installation Instructions & Free Content

ONE Instrument comes with its own GM Library which you can download from the cloud.

For more free Instruments and libraries, you can find some great options here;


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